Rules and restrictions


The room can be allocated the day you check-in from 17:00 pm in the Hotel and has to be released the day of the check-out within 10:00 am (after this time it will be apply 30,00€ par room for “late check out”)

The Obligatory Supplements, Optional and the Card Club must be settled at the Check-In, before the Room Allocation.

As you saw on the “ALLOCATION AND RELEASE” we allocate the rooms from 17:00 pm that’s why the Full Pension starts the day after Check-in and ends with the lunch the day of the Check-out.
If you will make some special request like the lunch the day of Check-in it will be considered as a supplement lunch and it will be charged as extra service.
The Half Broad treatment starts with the dinner the day of the Check-In and ends with the breakfast on Check-Out day.
Just in case of late arrival after 20:00 pm it would be really appreciated a report directly to our Hotel.

In our Swadeshi Club Hotels we accept just small domestic animals, once at the hotel you will be asked for the Animal Health Documentation.
The acceptance of the animal has to be paid as a daily supplement.

For what is about the SPA INFORMATION AND WAY OF USE it is necessary, once arrived at the Hotel, to talk with the Reception Department.

Customers must contact the Reception Department for the Internet Connection, WI-FI.
If the Wi-Fi works inside the common areas, the restaurant is never covered from the connection.

At the Check in, once you arrive at the hotel, it is necessary to show the identity document of all the family members (Identity Card or Passport)
If minors are included inside one of their parents documents, they will not be accepted and it will not be possible to do the check in.
If the hotel structure detects a different price resulting from a wrong communication, during the booking phase, of the age of the family members, the payment of the tariff adjustment must be paid at the customer’s arrival.

City Tax: Italian Common can apply a City Tax in every moment, it has to be paid by the customers directly at the Hotel according to the current legislation at the moment of the stay, even if it was established after confirmation of the reservation.

IVA: Our Prices are IVA included; If the Tax will change compared to today’s 10%, the difference will be paid directly to the Hotel from the customers.

The correct application and the discount confirmed during the booking phase will be verified inside the structure through the customers identity card.
If something different shows up, the tariff adjustment payment will be required directly inside the structure and it will be charged when the customer arrives.

In every Swadeshi structure the accommodation is expected in rooms provided with private toilets services.
When it’s not specified the accommodation in a Triple Room it is configured as a Double Room plus one sofa bed; the accommodation inside a quadruple room it is configured as a Double Room plus two sofa beds.
We suggest you to verify the Room typology written inside each description of each Hotel.

If the service booked inside the contract couldn’t be possible anymore for any motivation, Swadeshi will make available another proper accommodation, of equal value and quality, eventually with some little and justified differences.
Between the motivations you could find: compromised rooms, changed scheduled for trains / plains or ships, extended stay for some customers already inside the Hotel, overbooking, or some strange weather events.

The mini club where is provided, is a reserved children service, with ages included between 4 and 12.
Min Club propose some entertaining activities based on an animation program pre – determined.

Forgotten objects by the customers will be kept under custody from the hotel direction for 90 days, once passed this period the objects will be disused.